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At Holy Spirit Retirement Home, we are committed to providing care that’s not only good, it’s exceptional!

Holy Spirit offers a unique continuum of care approach including independent living apartments, assisted living options and skilled nursing care. Because each resident’s needs are unique, our services are focused on helping every resident meet their individual health goals. Take a look and discover life from our view.


in the Nursing field is essential because it provides opportunities to administer quality care to patients. Diversity in Nursing includes all of the following: gender, veteran status, race, disability, age, religion, ethnic heritage, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, education status, national origin, and physical characteristics. At Holy Spirit Retirement Home, we provide communication with patients and their families where patient care is enhanced and our healthcare providers bridge the divide between the culture of medicine and the beliefs and practices that make up a patient’s’ value system.


is an essential component of our high-performance Senior community here at Holy Spirit Retirement Home. Respect helps to create a healthy environment in which patients feel cared for as individuals, and members of health care teams are engaged, collaborative, and committed to service. Our staff at Holy Spirit Retirement Home strive each and everyday to create an atmosphere of Love, Respect & Dignity to all of our residents here at Holy Spirit.


fosters trust, and trust is important for the health of every relationship here at Holy Spirit Retirement Home. Building happiness and engagement through transparency means updating the entire company, our residents & staff regularly on strategies and current events.


Our staff works hard at instilling integrity within our workplace here at Holy Spirit Retirement Home – this is a  personality trait that we admire, since it means a person has a moral compass that doesn’t waver. Our staff’s goals are to  provide the highest level of care possible and know that we always have our residents interests first.


Siouxland’s ONLY Faith-Based,
Non-Profit Retirement Community.