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Holy Spirit Independent Living: God’s Perfect Plan

Deacon Bill and
Arlene Berger

Deacon Bill and Arlene Berger moved to the Holy Spirit Apartments in September of 2014. With Bill’s health declining, Arlene was ready to make the move. They quickly acclimated themselves to their new surroundings and neighbors. Unfortunately, Bill passed away in February of 2015, having gotten Arlene settled just before it was time for him to come “home.” God’s perfect plan.

Arlene’s faith was very important to her. Going to daily Mass, spending time at Adoration, etc. were at the top of her list. As she aged, the Holy Spirit Sisters were always so kind, so vigilant in bringing the Eucharist to her on days when she was unable to attend. And Fr. Meinen was a favorite to us all.

Family had always been a priority for both Bill and Arlene. She felt grateful to be in the safety of the apartments. And with two of her children living only ten minutes away, she could be with them often. Whether going on a “driving Miss Daisy” outing or eating at Perkins (or someone’s home) or watching a ball game, she loved being with family. Three others lived out of town. But, with a 2-bedroom apartment, she had a place for them to stay whenever they visited. These were such cherished times for all and undoubtedly another part of God’s perfect plan.

Getting to know the other residents and staff was quite special, too. At times Arlene would make her famous coffee cake and share it with all. Weekly, she walked over to the beauty shop where the hairdresser, made her feel so good. And Diana, more friend than employee, made both Arlene and her family feel special through her words and actions. Whether through conversation, prayer or goodies, they all took care of one other.

Arlene’s health challenges became greater, but once again God’s plan was perfect.  Towards the end of her life, her only wishes were that she didn’t want to die alone, and she wanted to be in her beloved apartment. By the grace of God both of her wishes were granted. On September 11, 2021, at the age of 94, with her family by her side, she went to join Bill.

The outpouring of love and compassion from everyone at Holy Spirit was something to behold. Such a blessing! We are so grateful to the Holy Spirit Community that fosters this kind of love and compassion.